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About Us




Why We Are Different

When we build your pool we are mindful of your needs/wants, its not about the making the most money per pool but building a family a pool that they will enjoy for years to with the least amount of work possible. Using your pool should be simple and with our installation process, products and knowledge we provide you that. I'm the owner, salesman, builder so I will be the only person you see from start to finish. (Many other companies have an owner, a salesman then a crew to install) This eliminates many stresses and confusion and streamlines the whole project and builds great repour with each customer. We are local family owned business that hires local employees and local contractors (electric and gas) to help build a closer community. You will know a professional is building your pool not someone hired for just the summer.

I started out as an employee for 5 yrs worked my way up to foreman. After achieving the highest position I decided to take a big step of faith, take some of our savings, buy equipment and a truck and start my own business. I've installed pools in the 9 state area and hundreds of pools, in doing so learned the highest quality products (as well as the lowest), learned what types of pools people like and the best service to provide from the first meeting to the completion of the project. We cut no corners and in doing so have yet to have an unsatisfied customer. We build each pool mindful of what each customer wants and needs, it's not about making the most money on each job but building a pool for a family that they will enjoy for years with the highest long term experience and ease that today's products provide.




We only service the pools we install, in doing so allows us to provide outstanding service and knowledge to each customer. With the knowledge and expertise that each pool is built along with the chemical line we offer it makes water chemistry go from difficult and frustrating to effortless and so enjoyable on your skin.

• We do provide remodel and upgrade service on existing pools.





5 Star Pool Review "Derek was very professional and we are loving our pool!'
~ Pool Owner Peggy & Randy K.

Pool Dimensions: 14' Width x 28' Length x 5' Deep

Timeline: Total project was completed in 5 days.



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