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Benefits of Vinyl Liner vs Fiberglass


• Vinyl liner pools have lowest initial cost of any in ground swimming pool, no limitation on pool size, shape and depth, liner is smooth, feels good and non porrise material which makes it the easiest to maintain water chemistry.

• Imagine fiberglass pools have the lowest lifetime cost, built in custom steps and seats in fiberglass shell, quick installation process, great for smaller backyards.


*Latham Pools is a line of vinyl liner pools that I offer.

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*Imagine Pools is a line of fiberglass pools that I offer.

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Liner Replacements


Giving your pool a new liner will bring back that crisp look like when it
was first built. We offer 3 different brands all with many patterns, colors and price options

The process of liner replacement- after selecting your new liner pattern we will come out to drain your pool, we will then remove and dispose of your old liner, after we have patched any holes in your pool bottom we install your new liner. Then your pool is as good as new!

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Step Options


pool stepsThere are endless options for the style of step your choose. This is another area that we excel at, we have installed many and all of the newest different step options. From the standard corner step to the full walk in step adding a sun deck is a great place to hang out in the shallow end or even a corner step with a bench along the shallow end wall to sit and enjoy. We have installed these and many many more, where others shy away for the challenge we look forward to wowing you and your pool guests with this amazing option.


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Automatic Safety Cover


Pool Safety CoverWhy get a automatic safety cover? They not only help save on your energy costs by keeping your heat in they keep your family safe while your not using your pool. With a coded key pad and Easy Touch Automation it can alert you when your cover is opened so you can have the peace of mind knowing everyone is safe when your away. It also can save on the cost of a fence in some cities because of the level of safety it provides.

Automatic Safety Cover on Existing Pools- Upgrading your pool with no safety cover is an easy process with a top track safety cover.


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Water Features / Lighting


Pool Safety CoverAdding lighting, automation, deck jets, laminars and waterfalls are little touches that really make your pool exciting to look at and has many functional applications too. With the Easy touch Automation you can sit in your kitchen or pool side and turn on your lights, slide, deck jets or laminars on all with the touch of your phone or Ipad. It can also make maintaining your pool simpler whether your home or away! 



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Water Sanitation Choices

Pool SanitizerThe Pentair Intellachlor Salt Generator- using food grade quality salt, the salt cell turns the salt into sanitizing chlorine then back again into salt as it runs back through the cell. This technology makes your water feel amazingly soft on your skin and keeps your water clean without adding actual chlorine

• Unlike what many people think when you say “chlorine pool” today’s makes you rethink chlorine pools. They are no longer burning your eyes or making your skin uncomfortable, most residential pools today are chlorine and with the right balance of chemicals it makes your skin just as soft as any salt pool. It also sustains the integrity of your equipment like.

• Bio Shield UV Sanitation is one of the newest technologies out there, using 50% less chlorine than the above methods, it sanitizes your water by “zapping” any germs that may be living in your pool.

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Pump / Filter


Pool FilterThis is one area that sets us apart. We use all 2 inch hard pipe to plumb all the lines to the equipment pad. Its something small but it means your water will flow how the manufactures designed it to. With proper speed and volume it will save on your energy bills and the life of your equipment. Many others us 1.5 inch flexible pipe saving them on materials but costing you more in energy bills.

• We recommend a Pentair variable speed pump as they run water more efficiently at lower speeds saving on energy costs

• The Clean and Clear Cartridge filter is a top choice for any pool owner, again the 2 in plumbing allows your filter to process your water at top performance keeping it crystal clear.

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Pool heaterThey have come a long way over the past 10 years in quietness, efficiency and heating capabilities. Pentair heating options are best in class

• The Pentair Heat Pump is a newer technology, its probably the most environmentally friendly and efficient choice in heating your pool

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5 Star Pool Review "Very impressed, everything turned out perfect!"
~ Pool Owner Jeff H.

Pool Dimensions: 18' Width x 40' Length x 8.5' Deep

Timeline: This pool is special because it is fully automated from a mobile device to control the lights, slide, illuminated fountains. The pool is open year round thanks to the the aqua shield dome. Total cost of project was $200,000. It was completed in 12 days.



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