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Products We Offer




Steel Wall Vinyl Liner Pools


Pool Steel Vinyl Liner• Vinyl liner pools have lowest initial cost of any in ground swimming pool, no limitation on pool size, shape and depth, liner is smooth, feels good and non porrise material which makes it the easiest to maintain water chemistry.



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Fiberglass Pools


Fiberglass Pool Latham• We are a Grand dealer for Latham Fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools have a lower cost of ownership, one reason being you will never need to do a liner replacement. The ability to have a sundeck and custom steps are built into many of the fiberglass shells. Other custom features like tile borders, tile inlay designs on pool floor/steps, deep end ledges, bubblers, or many different crystal color options help create your dream pool. Click on the brochure below to find your perfect fiberglass pool and learn about why they would be a great fit for your family!

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Step Options


pool stepsThere are endless options for the style of step your choose. This is another area that we excel at, we have installed many and all of the newest different step options. From the standard corner step to the full walk in step adding a sun deck is a great place to hang out in the shallow end or even a corner step with a bench along the shallow end wall to sit and enjoy. We have installed these and many many more, where others shy away for the challenge we look forward to wowing you and your pool guests with this amazing option.



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Automatic and Winter Mesh Safety Covers


Automatic Safety Cover- Why get an automatic safety cover? They not only help save on your energy costs by keeping your heat in, they also keep your family safe while your not using your pool. There are  many reasons to get an automatic cover here are just a few. It also can save on the cost of a fence in some cities because of the level of safety it provides.

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Pool Safety CoverWinter Mesh Safety Cover- Minnesota winters are unpredictable however adding the winter safety cover to your new or existing pool gives you added protection during the winter months. The mesh cover is a cover that uses anchors, springs and a mesh material. Unlike the automatic cover which is a solid material the mesh cover allows for rain/ snow melt to flow through during winter/ spring thaw removing the need for the cover pump during the winter months. The winter mesh cover is install by drilling anchors into your concrete deck. These anchor twist up when in use and twist to flush with your concrete deck in the summer. Ask for more details!


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Lighting / Water Features


Pool Safety CoverWe offer Pentair Globrite LED color changing lights standard on all of our pools, these lights put on quite a color show. They make swimming in your pool at night possible and sometimes the families favorite time to swim! Adding  other water features like deck jets, waterfalls and laminars are little touches that really make your pool exciting to look at and use.  Pentair Intellitouch Automation is a great way to automate your pool if you have water features. The Intellitouch makes it possible to operate features like your lights, slide, laminars, salt cell all from your phone.




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Games / Optional Features

SR Smith is a great company that offers fun options on your pool. Games like volleyball or basketball are an easy addition that adds tons of fun. A Flyte Deck 2 diving board, or our top selling slide the Turbo Twister are another way the keep the kids in the pool! A family favorite is the deep end swim up corner bench. These corner benches can be added to one of both sides of your pool. Its a nice spot to sit and watch the action in the deep end!


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Water Sanitation Choices

• Salt Water Pool: Pool SanitizerThe Pentair Intellachlor Salt Generator- using food grade quality salt, the salt cell turns the salt into sanitizing chlorine then back again into salt as it runs back through the cell. This technology makes your water feel amazingly soft on your skin and keeps your water clean without adding actual chlorine

• Chlorine Pool: Unlike what many people think when you say “chlorine pool” today’s technology makes you rethink chlorine pools. They are no longer burning your eyes or making your skin uncomfortable. With the right balance of chemicals it makes your skin just as soft as any salt pool.

• Pentair Bio Shield UV: Bio Shield UV Sanitation is one of the newest technologies out there, using 50% less chlorine than the above methods, it sanitizes your water by “zapping” any germs that may be living in your pool.

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Pump / Filter


Pool Filter• We recommend a Pentair variable speed pump as they run water more efficiently at lower speeds saving on energy costs

• The Clean and Clear Cartridge filter is a top choice for any pool owner, again the 2 in plumbing allows your filter to process your water at top performance keeping it crystal clear.

Pentair pool logo CLEAN & CLEAR® PLUS  •  INTELLIFLO® 2 VST  •  SUPERFLO® VS






We offer a variety of Pentair heaters. From the Master Temp, to the Ultra Temp Heat pump, to the most energy efficient unit on the market the Pentair UltraTemp ETI  hybrid heater. The ETI offers you both the reliability of the Master Temp with the efficiency of the heat pump all in one unit.


Pool heater heater pool heater






"I would recommend Derek and his team at Wellberg Pools. We did our due diligence with a few other local Pool Contractors prior to our build, spoke to previous customers of all contractors about their experience, and ultimately chose Wellberg Pools."
~ Stephanie S



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